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tv   Nightline  ABC  April 28, 2015 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, breaking news from baltimore. erupting after the funeral of freddie gray who died from a severe injury while in police custody. now as protesters take to the streets the looting, injuries and arrests. police pleading to end the violence and we are there. bruce jenner's first wife speaks. coming forward to talk about their private family struggles, as their children come to terms with the new reality. >> it was such a shock. >> reporter: what it was like to be by his side during that exclusive interview and how it is all bringing them closer together now. ♪ it has been ten years, but the dance party of "dancing with the stars" is still heating up.
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>> good evening. thank you for joining us. tonight, we report from baltimore where the governor of maryland has declared a state of emergency and the mayor of baltimore has announced a week-long curfew beginning tomorrow night. a curfew that cannot come soon enough. tonight, we have witnessed lawlessness and chaos on the streets as the violence escalates, despite calls for peace. all of this in the wake of today's funeral for a young man who died of severe injuries while in police custody. baltimore is burning after a day of looting, rioters clashing violently with police. tonight a community center in flames lights up the city as police and community activists try to take back the streets. lost to chaos earlier today. rioters armed with gas masks, appearing ready for a fight. the police force under siege.
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at least 15 officers injured. the mayor taking to the streets tonight to condemn those responsible. >> baltimore is much better than what you are seeing today. >> reporter: as the fires continue to burn, people here left asking if the police have done enough and whether this violence is really about the death of 25-year-old freddie gray. on sunday, april 12th, gray was taken in to police custody. the arrest once again captured by a bystander's cell phone. gray seemingly in pain and screaming, unable to walk. as officers drag him in to a transport van. reportedly when he arrived at the police station a half hour later, he was unable to breathe or talk. medics rushed him to the hospital. a few days later he slipped in to a coma and later died from a severe spinal injury. so far, there have been more questions than answers regarding his death. it is unclear why gray was arrested. according to the police report, gray fled unprovoked upon noticing police presence.
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the bigger question tonight for investigators and the public, what happened to him the moments right after he was taken in to custody? protesters claim gray may have been put through what is known in baltimore as a rough ride. officers allegedly using sudden stops and sharp turns to injure suspects. commissioner anthony bass confirming gray was not wearing a seat belt. six baltimore officers have been suspended with pay while the police carry out a criminal investigation. investigators are still searching for this man seen in surveillance video released overnight calling him a potential witness. today gray was laid to rest. at his funeral, his family, pastors and community leaders called for peace but the calls have not been heeded by some. after ten days of peaceful protests. >> this is a grieving family that deserves answers for their son. >> reporter: today a small group of agitators became violent, targeting police with bricks and burning abandoned squad cars. two police officers remain hospitalized.
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local businesses also in looters destructive path. the police response growing over the day. protective measures taken. the orioles baseball game cancelled and a city-wide curfew in place tomorrow starting at 10:00 p.m. public schools closed and many reclaiming the streets. >> together we're united. >> just hours ago, more than 200 ministers and community leaders joined together to march, crying out for peace and condemning the actions of a small but angry few. >> equal justice for everybody. >> reporter: in the church where freddie gray was mourned earlier today, transformed in to command central for those who want to put the fires out. a mix of ministers and men young and old. it is a rare meeting of the spirit and street of baltimore who have come together to bring calm to their city. the numbers on the street tonight are telling of the deep, long documented tensions between the baltimore public and police. when i was in baltimore last year, i spent several days and nights on the streets with police.
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i had a first-hand look at the palpable distrust between the public and police. what role if any, does race play in the dynamic here in baltimore? >> we have to let race go. we joke that no one is white and black. we're blue. >> i did ask you a question, right? >> they don't look at us as people. they see the uniform and think of police officers. >> the people innocent bystanders like the pedestrians that want to walk through, we get arrested the most. >> reporter: baltimore is different than ferguson, missouri. the tension here isn't just about race. the police department is 41% black. the police commissioner and the mayor both african-american. look at this, one of the many cameras set up across the city captures a black police officer punching a black man. the officer was charged with assault and is on leave. the latest in a series of questionable encounters. the city of baltimore has paid out $5.7 million in the last four years to settle more than 100 cases of alleged police brutality.
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>> it is black and white or black versus blue? >> i think it's a little bit of both. the legacy of race still exists? >> it does. the level of trust has increased but it continues to take dips down. >> a lot of people are doing the sort of things that need to be done. >> reporter: he grew up in baltimore a high school dropout and now the former head of the naacp, he has seen the city from many vantage points. >> we had tough police commissioners that would bust your head, throw you in jail, plant drugs on you. lock you up for no reason. >> this area is gorgeous. >> reporter: when we spoke this summer police commissioner anthony bass was working to change that narrative. >> i think in certain parts of the community we are seen as occupy army. we have to be honest and open and change that. i have to give the officers the skills and abilities to shift and change that. opening up conversations, communication and you hear me say this a lot, and listen, listen to the people. >> in a city with such a
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tumultuous history these conversations take time. today it seems the riders in -- rioters in baltimore aren't interested in this conversation. tonight much of the violence is concentrated in a few neighbors in west baltimore where demonstrators locked up the street by setting police cars and debris on fire. police officers in riot gear standing guard. it was dr. martin luther king who said in 1966 the riot is the language of the unheard. tonight, city officials in baltimore and the clergy are listening. we will see what daylight brings. we return now to new york and my colleague rebecca jarvis for the rest of our broadcast. >> thank you, byron. stay safe. and we will have more in the morning on "gma." coming up next for us here, she was the first person bruce jenner trusted with his most intimate secret. tonight chrystie scott speaks about their personal family struggles then and now. and warm up time. what brought "dancing with the
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we showed these kids some items from a nearby store, whoa! but they didn't know they were all tobacco products. ooh this is cool. it smells like gum. yummy. this smells like strawberry.
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ooh, are these mints? with colorful packaging and fruit and candy flavors that kids love, who do you think tobacco companies are targeting? do we get to keep any? ♪ >> he's one of the most talked about people in the world right now -- bruce jenner revealing he considers himself a woman in an exclusive interview with our diane sawyer. tonight, it's his family's turn to talk. his first wife and children coming forward with their struggles and their support in a poignant display of love. here's abc's chris connelly. >> i would have to say,chrystie
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would be the fist to know. >> reporter: as he hugged the champion of the decathlon, the woman known as christy scott had known for four years of her husband's struggle with gender identity. >> i can't remember the exact words because it was a shock to me. he told me he always wanted to be a woman. and understandably i was speechless. >> reporter: the incongruity of the revelation couldn't help but confound her then. >> it is so hard to wrap your head around it. particularly because he was such a manly man. it didn't threaten me. it didn't threaten our marriage. >> reporter: jenner sharing with abc's diane sawyer memories of a disclosure to her that jenner acknowledges was far from a complete one. >> i never really hard-core said look, i don't know if i'm going to make it in this male
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gender here my entire life. >> it comes nice and dressed up for the beach. >> reporter: the struggle would take its toll on others too. viewers of this keeping up with the kardashian episode saw brody front fronting his dad on camera. >> now is not the time to talk about it. >> more from jenner's children in friday's broadcast. recalling a time in the '80s when their father seemed to vanish. >> we have a complex relationship. he's disappeared out of our lives especially out of my life. so i'm looking forward to the next chapter. >> us missing a time of our lives is still probably the hardest thing for us to deal with. we are trying not to look back just looking forward. >> jenner admitting the depression and isolation of the gender identity crisis led to the former olympian being absent too often.
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>> you weren't there a lot? >> yes. the big formative years for them, i was really struggling with these issues. i talked to all of the boys about this after the fact. that, yeah i didn't do a good job and i apologize to my kids for that. >> reporter: those children with a message for jenner, all is forgiven as their father embarks on transitioning to life as a transgender woman. >> i was more proud to carry the last name jenner and be part of the family than anytime before. >> one thing we have gained that means more to us than anything is the honesty. >> i personally hope this journey leads to the place that he wants it to. >> i'm excited for bruce to tell his story. >> reporter: more support for bruce jenner before the interview with diane sawyer aired from kim dargs on "extra." >> as a family we support each other is 00%. >> chrystie scott would be just one of the family members who
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watched friday's momentous broadcast alongside jenner. >> to see him go through this anguish, i know it's been a torment in his life. he was tearful at times. broke my heart. i reached over and tried to give him a little -- i'm emotional now -- tried to give him comfort. >> ex-wife kris and their daughters kylie and kendall each tweeting my hero. jenner's journey carrying special resonance for the transgender kmit community. one says that it will change the world. >> it's huge. it's huge. it's going to change. it's going to change people's minds. it's going to change the fans' minds and everyone is going to have to open their minds. >> reporter: yet for jenner trying to be happy as been a struggle since childhood.
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in these experts we are calling the early stages of transition sieged by paparazzi. >> everyone thinks they have seen changes, changes in your face. >> yes. i give them ammunition. okay? >> why? >> because i'm trying to live with myself. >> so this was you venturing out for yourself. >> absolutely. for nobody but myself. >> reporter: in to the rotor blade of -- >> yeah this is me venturing out, trying to be myself. i -- >> it looked as if you were daring them to -- >> i wasn't daring them. i'll give you that it may look that way. i wasn't daring them at all. >> now with the transformation underway some of jenner's goals are simple ones. >> having my nail polish on so long that it chips off. >> now men are putting photos of
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their painted nails on twitter. a sydney, australia radio station starting the hashtag, paint your nails for bruce. thousands cheered that gold medal victory in '76. jenner telling sawyer in another unseen exchange how the challenge of the olympic decathlon compares to the one that jenner faced for a lifetime. >> you said once the decathlon is ten events but life -- >> i thought of the title for the book is the 11th event, overcoming life's obstacles. you know? that is one of the titles i have been thinking about for a long time. yeah. because life is much more difficult than running a decathlon, i guarantee you. >> ultimately you win or lose from what's inside. >> exactly right. being honest to yourself is so, so so important. yeah. you know? it's hard to do sometimes.
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hard to do sometimes. everybody's got stuff. everybody's got things they have to deal. this happens to be my thing they have dealt with all of my life. i'm trying to do something about it for the good. >> for "nightline," i'm chris connelly in los angeles. next the glitz, the glamour, the football players, "dancing with the stars" brings celebrities of all kinds to the dance floor. so who's coming back now for a reunion a decade in the make something >> announcer: abc news i "nightline," brought to you by macy's.
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s and sizes have won our hearts by strutting their stuff on "dancing with the stars." tonight, the fan favorites are back for a reunion ten years in the making. abc's rachel smith gets a look behind the scene. ♪ >> reporter: it's the show that turned traditional ballroom dancing in to a sexy sport. now the series celebration a decade in the making of "dancing with the stars." >> all right guys. we have hit the ballroom floor for 20 seasons for "dancing with the stars" leading up to the tenth anniversary show. we are getting an all-access pass backstage. come on, let's go. ♪ >> reporter: to celebrate all of the big tv moments, this team spent nearly a year planning the "dancing with the stars" tenth anniversary special. ♪ >> reporter: the primetime event airing tomorrow on abc includes fan favorite stars and professional dancers from seasons one to season 20.
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♪ don't believe me just watch ♪ >> are your boefds sore? >> little sore. feet are blistered. it is hard to get used to dancing in heels again. >> reporter: while celebrities get their dances ready at the studio the wardrobe team is busy adding glitz and glam to the costumes what are the tricks that you have? >> these are rhinestones to make it sparkle. >> nice work. >> reporter: backstage, the hair team preps wigs and hair extensions. >> yes. >> reporter: for extra glamour. >> look at these things. red. with minutes until show time we check in with the judges. >> oh i want to hold you so much. >> reporter: so much. >> reporter: and their private lounge. on the opposite end of the studio lot from the contestants and i'm welcomed. ♪ isn't it a lovely day to be caught in the rain ♪ >> reporter: each judge is given a luxury trailer. julie anne introducing us to her
1:05 am
roommates. >> hi honey! >> reporter: finally the judges make their way to the stage, complete with warm ups. ♪ there's no business like show business ♪ inside we spot other former dancing stars taking their seats in the crowd. the crew is setting up last-minute preparations for the big show. going to be a perfect ten guys. season ten contestant aaron andrews says the show creates a family bond. >> you shed this other layer off and you walk out of here totally different. it's such a cool transformation. >> reporter: all of the preparation for one big celebration. the dazzling opening number featuring over two dozen former cast members. all for a show that was originally planned as a short special. >> none of us expected that it would take off the way it did or that i would be sitting here talking to you a decade later. >> reporter: that said over the course of ten years, 20 seasons,
1:06 am
a lot of things have changed but what has remained the same? >> the heart of the show has remained the same. this is a show about humanity and people inspiring other people. people making themselves vulnerable by trying this crazy thing called "dancing with the stars." >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> "dancing with the stars" tenth anniversary special airs tomorrow night at 8 p.m. eastern right here on abc. who's your all-time favorite contestant? head to our "nightline" facebook page and let us know. thank you for watching
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